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Adam, James Christopher Persoon
Adam, Robert Moyes Persoon
Aellen, Paul (1896-1973) Persoon
Agri-Horticultural Society of Western India Instelling
Alexandria Horticultural Society Instelling
Alston, Charles Persoon
Anderson, J.A.R. Persoon
Anderson, J.S. Persoon
Anderson, Thomas Persoon
Anthony, John Persoon
Armstrong, Professor Henry Edward Persoon
Arnott, George Arnott Walker Persoon
Arthur, William Persoon
Association for the Promotion of the Arboriculture and Horticulture of Scotland Instelling
Austen, Henry Haversham Godwin- Persoon
Austin, Dr. William Persoon
Baber, Edward Colborne Persoon
Babington, Charles Cardale Persoon
Bacler D'Albe, Louis, 1761-1824, printmaker, painter/draughtsman Persoon
Badger, William Persoon
Balfour, Alice Persoon
Balfour, Colonel Frederick Robert Stephen Persoon
Balfour, John Hutton Persoon
Balfour, Sir Andrew Persoon
Balfour, Sir Isaac Bayley Persoon
Ball, John Persoon
Balls, Edward Kent Persoon
Balmat, Jacques, 1762-1834, mountaineer and mountain guide Persoon
Basden, Judith
Batts, Charles C.V.
Beattie, Elizabeth P. (-1980)
Bennell, Alan P.
Bentham, George Persoon
Berkeley, Miles Joseph Persoon
Bisset, James
Blackmore, Stephen (1953- ) Persoon
Blaikie, Thomas, 1751-1838, gardener Persoon
Blair, Patrick Persoon
Boissier, Pierre Edmond (1818- 1885)
Bolton, James (fl. 1750s-1799) Persoon
Booth, David
Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland Instelling
Botanical Society of Scotland Instelling
Botany Dept, Museum of Natural History, Paris, France
Bowles, Edward Augustus Persoon
Boyd, William Brack
Brand, William Persoon
British Columbia Botanical Association
Britton, Charles Edward Persoon
Brodie, James Persoon
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