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Mill, Robert
Miller, Phillip
Milne, William
Minay, Priscilla
Ministry of Public Building and Works
Miquel, Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Persoon
Mitchell, Robert (Bob)
Mitten, William
Moffat, C. B.
Montrose, Duchess of
Moore, Charles
Moore, D
Morrison, Dr. Alexander
Morshead, Captain H.T.
Morton, A.G. (Alan Gilbert) Persoon
Mottet, M
Mount Everest Collection
Mueller, Ferdinand von Persoon
Muir, Caroline (RBGE Designer)
Mulligan, Brian O.
Munro, William
Murie, John
Murray, Flora Buchan
Murray, George
Mycology, Imperial Bureau of
Natural History Museum, London
Nature Conservancy Council
Nees von Esenbeck, Christian Gottfried Daniel
Neill, Patrick Persoon
Nelson, Alexander
Newman, Mark
Nisbet, John
Nobbs, Mrs?
Noble, Dr. Mary
Nolischlan, J (Batavia)
Noltie, Henry J. Persoon
Office of Commissioners for Claims in France
Ogilvie Grant, W.R.
Oliver, Capt. Pasfield
Orr, Mathew Young Persoon
Oxford Botanic Garden
Pacard, Michel Gabriel, 1757-1827, doctor and alpinist Persoon
Panizzi, Francesco
Park, Mungo
Parkinson, Charles Edward
Paterson, Leonie Persoon
Paterson, William
Paxton, George Persoon
Pearson, Arthur Anselm
Pennant, Thomas
Penson, Jim
Pieter Joseph Sauvage
Pilling, Liz
Pitcairn, William, 1712-1791, physician, botanist Persoon
Pitcairne, Dr. William
Planner, Mairi
Playfair, David T.
Plumtre, E.D (Kew)
Polunin, Oleg Vladimirovich
Potter, (Helen) Beatrix
Powell, E. Persoon
Prain, David (Kew)
Pratt, Antwerp E.
Preston, Charles
Preston, George
Prijanto, Botjah (1942-1969) Persoon
Pugsley, Herbert William
Purdom, William Persoon
Queverdo, Francois Marie Isidore, 1744-1797, printmaker Persoon
Ramsbottom, John
Reaux, Jules
Rhomoo Lepcha
Ribu Lepcha
Richardson, John
Robertson, Dr. James
Robertson, John
Robertson, Revd. Andrew
Rock, Joseph F.C. Persoon
Rollo, Hon. R
Rorer, Abigail
Roxburgh, Dr. William Persoon
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Creator) Instelling
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Herbarium Instelling
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Publications Department
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Instelling
Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society Instelling
Royal College of Physicians
Royal Geographical Society
Royal Horticultural Society
Royal Scottish Arboricultural Society
Rutherford, Prof. Daniel Persoon
Rutherford, Revd. A
Sadler, John Persoon
Sandeman, F.D. Stewart
Sanderson, John Scott
Sauvage, Pieter
Sauvage, Pieter Joseph, 1744-1818, sculptor/medallist, painter/draughtsman Persoon
Scarlett, Robert
Schilling, Tony Persoon
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