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Schilling, Tony Person
Schneider, Camillo
Scottish Alpine Botanical Club Corporate body
Scottish Rock Garden Club
Scottish Seaweed Research Association
Selbourne Society
Seller, Dr.
Shaw, Richard [Dick]
Shaw-Mackenzie, Mrs.
Sherriff, Betty Person
Sherriff, Catherine
Sherriff, George Person
Sibbald, Sir Robert Person
Sibthorp, John
Sim, J.
Sinclair, James (1913-1968) Person
Sino British Expedition to Cangshang (SBEC) (1981)
Slater, Andrew
Slater, M.B.
Smith, David
Smith, Mathilda
Smith, Rupert
Smith, Sir James Edward Person
Smith, Sir William Wright Person
Smith, William Gardner
Smythe, Frank S.
Snelling, Lilian
Somerville, Alex
Southam, John
Sowerby, James
Spruce, Richard
St Brody, Dr Gustavus A Ornano
Stabler, George
Stace, Clive
Stainton, J.D.A. Person
Stead, Tim
Steel, William (Bill) Person
Steel, William –(William Steel Trust)
Stevenson, Alexander P.
Stewart and Co., Seedsmen, Ltd.
Stewart, John Lindsay
Stewart, Lawrence Baxter
Stirling-Maxwell, Sir John Maxwell
Stirton, Dr. James
Strachey, Capt. Richard
Sumner, Barbara
Sutherland, James Person
Swan, Richard ‘Dick’
Swarbrick, John T. Person
Tagg, Harry Frank
Tait, David Reid
Taylor, Sir George
Templeton, James
Terras, James Adam
Thiselton-Dyer, Sir William Turner Person
Thurn, Sir Everard Francis Ferdinand Im
Trail, Professor James William Helenus
Traill, George William Person
Traill, George William
Trimen, Henry
Trotter, Captain H. of Mortonhall
Turner, Alexander (Alick) J.
University of Edinburgh Corporate body
Unwin, Prof. R
Vancouver Botanical Garden
von Haller, Albrecht, 1708-1777, anatomist, physiologist, naturalist, encyclopaedist, bibliographer and poet Person
von Mechel, Christian Person
Ward, Frank Kingdon Person
Watling, Prof. Roy
Watson, Erik V.
Watson, Hewett Cottrell
Watsonby, Hewett
Watt, James Cromar
Watt, Sir George Person
Weale, James A.
Webb, Frederick Morgan Person
West, Roger
Wight, Robert Person
Wild Flower Society
Wilding, E.R
Wilkie, David
Williams, John Charles Person
Williamson, John Person
Willis, John Christopher
Wilson, Dr. Malcolm Person
Wilson, E.H.
Wilson, Malcolm
Winch, Nathaniel John Person
Winterbottom, James Edward
Withers, Augusta Innes Person
Wood, D. Jeremy
Woods, Jennifer
Woods, Patrick (Paddy)
Woodward, F.L
Wright, [A.A.]
Yu, Te-Tsun
Zeyher, Karl Ludwig Philipp Person
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