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Adam, James Christopher Person
Adam, Robert Moyes Person
Aellen, Paul (1896-1973) Person
Agri-Horticultural Society of Western India Corporate body
Alexandria Horticultural Society Corporate body
Alston, Charles Person
Anderson, J.A.R. Person
Anderson, J.S. Person
Anderson, Thomas Person
Anthony, John Person
Armstrong, Professor Henry Edward Person
Arnott, George Arnott Walker Person
Arthur, William Person
Association for the Promotion of the Arboriculture and Horticulture of Scotland Corporate body
Austen, Henry Haversham Godwin- Person
Austin, Dr. William Person
Baber, Edward Colborne Person
Babington, Charles Cardale Person
Bacler D'Albe, Louis, 1761-1824, printmaker, painter/draughtsman Person
Badger, William Person
Balfour, Alice Person
Balfour, Colonel Frederick Robert Stephen Person
Balfour, John Hutton Person
Balfour, Sir Andrew Person
Balfour, Sir Isaac Bayley Person
Ball, John Person
Balls, Edward Kent Person
Balmat, Jacques, 1762-1834, mountaineer and mountain guide Person
Basden, Judith
Batts, Charles C.V.
Beattie, Elizabeth P. (-1980)
Bennell, Alan P.
Bentham, George Person
Berkeley, Miles Joseph Person
Bisset, James
Blackmore, Stephen (1953- ) Person
Blaikie, Thomas, 1751-1838, gardener Person
Blair, Patrick Person
Boissier, Pierre Edmond (1818- 1885)
Bolton, James (fl. 1750s-1799) Person
Booth, David
Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland Corporate body
Botanical Society of Scotland Corporate body
Botany Dept, Museum of Natural History, Paris, France
Bowles, Edward Augustus Person
Boyd, William Brack
Brand, William Person
British Columbia Botanical Association
Britton, Charles Edward Person
Brodie, James Person
Brodie, William Person
Brookes, Brian S.
Bruce, A. Ninian Person
Brunton, Eileen V.
Bryce, Henry Howden (Harry) Person
Buchan-Hepburn, Archibald Person
Buchanan, E.M. Person
Bulley, Arthur Kilpin (1861-1942) Person
Bunyan, John, 1628-1688, author Person
Burbidge, R. Brinsley Person
Burkhill, J.H.
Burtt, Brian Laurence (1913 - 2008) Person
Cambridge University Botanical Museum & Library
Campbell, W.H. Person
Cave, George H. Person
Chamberlain, David
Chandler, Bertha Person
Christie, James
Christison, Sir Robert Person
Clayton, John (Bradford)
Cleghorn, Dr. Hugh Person
Clement, Rose A.
Clendinnen, Leslie John(Jack)
Cockayne, Dr. Leonard
Cohn, Dr Ferdinand Julius
Collingwood, Cuthbert Person
Collins, Ernest Jacob (1878-1939) Person
Collins, James Person
Comber, Harold Frederick Person
Commissioners of Liquidation, Arbitration and Award
Cooke, Mordecai Cubitt Person
Cooper, Roland Edgar Person
Corner, Edred John Henry Person
Correvon, Henry
Corrie, Jane
Corstorphine Trust
Cory, Reginald
Cousens, John E. Person
Cousens, Malcolm Douglas Person
Cowan, Alexander Person
Cowan, John MacQueen Person
Coward, T.A. B.Sc.
Cox, E.H.M.
Cox, Peter
Craib, William Grant Person
Craig-Christie, Alexander
Craufurd, James, Lord Ardmillan Person
Crawford, Francis Chalmers
Crewdson, Cicely Maud Person
Cronk, Quentin C. B.
Crosse, Samuel
Cruttwell, Rev. Norman Edward Garry Person
Cryptogamic Society of Scotland Corporate body
Cullen, James (1936-2013)
Cumming, Anne Neilson
Cunningham, Robert
Cuthbertson, W.
Dalziel, Dr. John McEwan
Darbishire, O. V.
Darwin, Charles Robert Person
David Mann
Davidian, Hagop H. Person
Davidson, J. Randolph
Davie, Dr. Robert Chapman Person
Davis, Peter Hadland Person
Day, John
Decaisne, Joseph
Degener, Drs. Otto and Isa
Dennis, Prof. R
Devonshire, William George Spencer Cavendish, 6th Duke of Person
Dickson's Ltd
Dickson, Archibald
Dickson, Prof. Alexander Person
Dinsmore, J.E.
Dobbie & Co.
Don, David (1799-1841)
Don, George Person
Don, George (1798-1856)
Douglas, David Person
Downie family
Downie, John Person
Doyle, Dr. Jean D. Person
Drege, Johann Franz Person
Druce, George Claridge Person
Drumlanrig Gardens
Drummond Hay, Constance
Drummond, Thomas Person
Duncan, Ursula Katherine
Dunn, Malcolm
Dunsmure, Dr. E
Dunsmure, Dr. James Person
Dunsmure, Dr. James; Graham, Prof. R. (RK); [Dr. E Dunsmure?]
Duthie, J.J.
Dyer, Sir William Turner Thiselton- Person
Eaton, D. L.
Ecklon, Christian Friedrich Person
Edgeworth, Michael Pakenham Person
Edinburgh Microscopical Society
Edinburgh Plinian Society Corporate body
Edinburgh School of Gardening
Edmonston, David
Eichler, August Wilhelm
Ellacombe, Canon Henry Nicholson
Elliot, Colonel Henry
Elliot, George Francis Scott Person
Ellis, Daniel
Ellis, R
Engles, A
Ernst, Adolph
Evans, Alfred
Evans, Arthur Humble
Evans, William
Evans, William Edgar
Ewen, Jane Taylor
Falconer, Agnes C.
Falconer, David
Farmer, Prof. B.
Farre, Frederick John Person
Farrer Family Family
Farrer, Reginald John Person
Fellowes-Gordon, Ian
Fergus, Jane
Fergusson, Bernard Edward Person
Fischer, Alfred
Fish, David Sydney Person
Fletcher, Harold Roy Person
Flint, Professor
Focker, Edward
Foister, Charles E.
Foot, Simon
Forbes, Henry Ogg Person
Foreign Office
Forestry Commission Corporate body
Forfar Herald
Forman, Adam
Forrest, Dr. G. Ian Person
Forrest, George Person
Fothergill, John, 1712-1780, physician, plant collector, philanthropist Person
France, C
Francis Chalmers Crawford
Fraser, Capt. L.D.
Fraser, Patrick Neill Person
Fraser-Jenkins, Christopher
Freeman, W.E.
Friends of Hopetoun Crescent Garden
Frisch, Felix Eugen
Furse, Admiral John Paul Wellington
Gage, Andrew Thomas
Galloway, Robert
Gamble, James Sykes
Gane, Charles
Garden Society
Gardeners' Club
Gardiner, William Person
Gardner, George
Garnsey, Rev. Henry Edward Fowler
Garret, Henry Burton Guest
Gibby, Professor Mary
Gillies, Dr. John Person
Glasgow Botanic Gardens Corporate body
Glasgow University Corporate body
Glen, Catherine F. Person
Glenarn Garden
Goebel, Dr. Karl
Goethe, M.
Goodier, R
Gordon, Henry J.
Gordon, J. Senior
Gordon, Rosemary
Gorkom, Dr. K.W. van
Government of Sierra Leone
Graham, Helen
Graham, Professor Robert Person
Graham, Robert James Douglas
Grahame, G
Grahame, G.
Gray, Asa
Gray, G.R.
Greville, Robert Kaye Person
Grierson, A.G.
Grierson, Andrew J.C. (1929-1990) Person
Grieve, James Person
Groom, Percy Person
Groves, Henry Person
Groves, James Person
Guidi, Pietro
Guthrie-Smith, Herbert
Gye, Ernest Frederick
Göppert, H.R.
Hamburg Botanic Garden
Hamilton, Francis Buchanan Person
Hanbury, Daniel
Hancock, Richard
Handel-Mazzetti, Dr. Heinrich
Hanes, H. F.
Harley, Andrew
Harrow, Robert Lewis Person
Harveian Society of Edinburgh
Harvey, W.H.
Haryats, Pedro L.
Hawaii –Pacific Tropical Botanic Garden
Hay, Muriel Jenny
Hayes, Stuart F.
Hayward, Ida Margaret Person
Hedge, Ian Charleson Person
Heer, Oswald
Hely-Hutchison, Mrs. J.W.
Hemsley, William Botting Person
Henderson, Col. Frederick Person
Henderson, Douglas Mackay Person
Henry, A
Henslow, Prof. John Stevens
Hick, Thomas
Hicks, J.H.
Hill, John Rutherford
Hill, Sir Arthur William
Hill, Walter
Hillcoat, D
Hillebrand, William
Hilliard, Olive Person
Holloway, Reverend. John Ernest.
Holmes, Edward Morell
Hooker, Sir Joseph Dalton Person
Hooker, William Jackson Person
Hope Family
Hope, C.W.
Hope, Charles William Webley
Hope, Dr. Thomas Charles
Hope, John Person
Horlick, Lt-Col., Sir James Nockells
Horsfield, Thomas
Horticulture Department
Hosack, David Person
Hughes, William Alfred Person
Humphreys, Dr. G.N.
Hutchinson, John
Hutchison, Isobel Wylie Person
Hutchison, J.J.
Hutchison, Sir Peter Person
Imperial Bureau of Mycology
Imperial Forestry Institute
Ingram, Professor David Stanley Person
Institute of Horticulture (I.O.H),
International Botanical Congress
Irvine, Dr. David Person
Irvine, Dr. Frederick Robert Person
Irving, Henry
Jackson, Benjamin Daydon Person
Jaffrey, Andrew Thomas
James, Patricia M.
Jameson, William
Jeffrey, John Person
Jephcott, (Charles) Trevor (1936-1993)
Johnston, Hamish
Johnston, Henry Halcro Person
Johnstone, James Todd Person
Jones, E.V.
Jörgeusen, A.
Keeble, Prof. (Reading University)
Keen, Sir Bernard Augustus
Keenan, James (Jimmy)
Kemp, D.W. Person
Kemp, Dr. Edward Edmund
Kenneth, Archibald Graham Person
Kenrick, Rev. Henry William Gordon Person
Kerr, Arthur Francis George
Kerr, John Graham
Kesselring, W.
Kirby, Mary E.
Knox Finlay Family
Knox Finlay, Mrs M.W. Person
Knox, John [of Forfar]
Knuth, Paul
Koch II (Composer)
Krug, Dr. John Christian
Lace, John Henry Person
Laing, John
Laird, Robert
Landon, A
Langrishe, Col. J
Lankaster, Prof. Ray
Lavranos, John Jacob Person
Lecombe, H
Lee, James, 1754-1824, gardener Person
Leitch, Dr. John
Lenormond, R. (Vire)
Léveillé, A.A. Hector Person
Levigne, Harry Corbyn
Lindley, John
Lindsay, Robert Person
Lindsay, William Lauder
Linné,von Carl
Linnean Society Corporate body
Logan Botanic Gardens
Logan House
London, University of
Long, David
Lord Headfort - (Taylour, Geoffrey Thomas)
Lousley, Job Edward
Lowndes, Col. Donald George
Ludlow, Frank Person
Lushington, Alfred Wyndham
Lyall, David
MacFarlane, John Muirhead
MacIvor, William Graham
Mackay, James Townsend
Mackay, John
MacKechnie, Robert
Mackenzie, Donald F.
Mackenzie, Duncan S.
MacKenzie, William Gregor Person
MacVicar, Symers Macdonald
Madden, Edward Person
Magor, E.J.P.
Maingay, Alexander Carroll
Malthouse, George T.
Mann, David
Mardon, David
Masters, Maxwell Tylden Person
Mathieson, Wilfrid
Matthews, J.R.
Maughan, Edward James
Maughan, Miss
Maughan, Robert
Maurlan, William
Mayer, E
McCoig, Malcolm
McDonough, Corinne Person
McDouall, Kenneth
McDouall, N. Douglas Person
McEwan, Rory
McGibbon, James
McIntosh, Charles Person
McKean, Douglas
McLaren, Alexander
McLaren, Henry Duncan
McLaren, John
McNab, Gilbert
McNab, James Person
McNab, Thomas
McNab, William Person
McNab, William Ramsay
McWatt, J et al
Meller, Charles James
Menzies, Archibald Person
Menzies, Sir Robert
Michie, Peter Person
Middleton, David
Milford, Helen A.
Mill, Robert
Miller, Phillip
Milne, William
Minay, Priscilla
Ministry of Public Building and Works
Miquel, Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Person
Mitchell, Robert (Bob)
Mitten, William
Moffat, C. B.
Montrose, Duchess of
Moore, Charles
Moore, D
Morrison, Dr. Alexander
Morshead, Captain H.T.
Morton, A.G. (Alan Gilbert) Person
Mottet, M
Mount Everest Collection
Mueller, Ferdinand von Person
Muir, Caroline (RBGE Designer)
Mulligan, Brian O.
Munro, William
Murie, John
Murray, Flora Buchan
Murray, George
Mycology, Imperial Bureau of
Natural History Museum, London
Nature Conservancy Council
Nees von Esenbeck, Christian Gottfried Daniel
Neill, Patrick Person
Nelson, Alexander
Newman, Mark
Nisbet, John
Nobbs, Mrs?
Noble, Dr. Mary
Nolischlan, J (Batavia)
Noltie, Henry J. Person
Office of Commissioners for Claims in France
Ogilvie Grant, W.R.
Oliver, Capt. Pasfield
Orr, Mathew Young Person
Oxford Botanic Garden
Pacard, Michel Gabriel, 1757-1827, doctor and alpinist Person
Panizzi, Francesco
Park, Mungo
Parkinson, Charles Edward
Paterson, Leonie Person
Paterson, William
Paxton, George Person
Pearson, Arthur Anselm
Pennant, Thomas
Penson, Jim
Pieter Joseph Sauvage
Pilling, Liz
Pitcairn, William, 1712-1791, physician, botanist Person
Pitcairne, Dr. William
Planner, Mairi
Playfair, David T.
Plumtre, E.D (Kew)
Polunin, Oleg Vladimirovich
Potter, (Helen) Beatrix
Powell, E. Person
Prain, David (Kew)
Pratt, Antwerp E.
Preston, Charles
Preston, George
Prijanto, Botjah (1942-1969) Person
Pugsley, Herbert William
Purdom, William Person
Queverdo, Francois Marie Isidore, 1744-1797, printmaker Person
Ramsbottom, John
Reaux, Jules
Rhomoo Lepcha
Ribu Lepcha
Richardson, John
Robertson, Dr. James
Robertson, John
Robertson, Revd. Andrew
Rock, Joseph F.C. Person
Rollo, Hon. R
Rorer, Abigail
Roxburgh, Dr. William Person
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Creator) Corporate body
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Herbarium Corporate body
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Publications Department
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Corporate body
Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society Corporate body
Royal College of Physicians
Royal Geographical Society
Royal Horticultural Society
Royal Scottish Arboricultural Society
Rutherford, Prof. Daniel Person
Rutherford, Revd. A
Sadler, John Person
Sandeman, F.D. Stewart
Sanderson, John Scott
Sauvage, Pieter
Sauvage, Pieter Joseph, 1744-1818, sculptor/medallist, painter/draughtsman Person
Scarlett, Robert
Schilling, Tony Person
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