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Crosse, Samuel
Cruttwell, Rev. Norman Edward Garry Person
Cryptogamic Society of Scotland Corporate body
Cullen, James (1936-2013)
Cumming, Anne Neilson
Cunningham, Robert
Cuthbertson, W.
Dalziel, Dr. John McEwan
Darbishire, O. V.
Darwin, Charles Robert Person
David Mann
Davidian, Hagop H. Person
Davidson, J. Randolph
Davie, Dr. Robert Chapman Person
Davis, Peter Hadland Person
Day, John
Decaisne, Joseph
Degener, Drs. Otto and Isa
Dennis, Prof. R
Devonshire, William George Spencer Cavendish, 6th Duke of Person
Dickson's Ltd
Dickson, Archibald
Dickson, Prof. Alexander Person
Dinsmore, J.E.
Dobbie & Co.
Don, David (1799-1841)
Don, George Person
Don, George (1798-1856)
Douglas, David Person
Downie family
Downie, John Person
Doyle, Dr. Jean D. Person
Drege, Johann Franz Person
Druce, George Claridge Person
Drumlanrig Gardens
Drummond Hay, Constance
Drummond, Thomas Person
Duncan, Ursula Katherine
Dunn, Malcolm
Dunsmure, Dr. E
Dunsmure, Dr. James Person
Dunsmure, Dr. James; Graham, Prof. R. (RK); [Dr. E Dunsmure?]
Duthie, J.J.
Dyer, Sir William Turner Thiselton- Person
Eaton, D. L.
Ecklon, Christian Friedrich Person
Edgeworth, Michael Pakenham Person
Edinburgh Microscopical Society
Edinburgh Plinian Society Corporate body
Edinburgh School of Gardening
Edmonston, David
Eichler, August Wilhelm
Ellacombe, Canon Henry Nicholson
Elliot, Colonel Henry
Elliot, George Francis Scott Person
Ellis, Daniel
Ellis, R
Engles, A
Ernst, Adolph
Evans, Alfred
Evans, Arthur Humble
Evans, William
Evans, William Edgar
Ewen, Jane Taylor
Falconer, Agnes C.
Falconer, David
Farmer, Prof. B.
Farre, Frederick John Person
Farrer Family Family
Farrer, Reginald John Person
Fellowes-Gordon, Ian
Fergus, Jane
Fergusson, Bernard Edward Person
Fischer, Alfred
Fish, David Sydney Person
Fletcher, Harold Roy Person
Flint, Professor
Focker, Edward
Foister, Charles E.
Foot, Simon
Forbes, Henry Ogg Person
Foreign Office
Forestry Commission Corporate body
Forfar Herald
Forman, Adam
Forrest, Dr. G. Ian Person
Forrest, George Person
Fothergill, John, 1712-1780, physician, plant collector, philanthropist Person
France, C
Francis Chalmers Crawford
Fraser, Capt. L.D.
Fraser, Patrick Neill Person
Fraser-Jenkins, Christopher
Freeman, W.E.
Friends of Hopetoun Crescent Garden
Frisch, Felix Eugen
Furse, Admiral John Paul Wellington
Gage, Andrew Thomas
Galloway, Robert
Gamble, James Sykes
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